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ब्लॉग के माध्यम से मेरा प्रयास है कि मैं अपने विचारों, भावनाओं को अपने पारिवारिक दायित्व निर्वहन के साथ-साथ कुछ सामाजिक दायित्व को समझते हुए सरलतम अभिव्यक्ति के माध्यम से लिपिबद्ध करते हुए अधिकाधिक जनमानस के निकट पहुँच सकूँ। इसके लिए आपके सुझाव, आलोचना, समालोचना आदि का स्वागत है। आप जो भी कहना चाहें बेहिचक लिखें, ताकि मैं अपने प्रयास में बेहत्तर कर सकने की दिशा में निरंतर अग्रसर बनी रह सकूँ|

सोमवार, 25 नवंबर 2019

Pokémon Chakra

Pokemon Chakra Story 


The remainder of the story......

Pokemon Chakra Story Chapter-1 
The remainder of the story......
Pranali was walking through the Swamp area. There she met the girl, whom Sam referred as Naggin but literally, Prabhav gave the name. "Hey Preyasi!" shouted Pranali. "Oh hey Pranali, how are you?" Preyasi said. She replied, "I am fine. I hope you too. So, have you caught any Pokémon?" "No not yet. Have you caught any?" Preyasi asked. "Well I found a Yanma in my garden and decided to make it my first Pokémon," said Pranali. As they were having their conversation, Preyasi heard a rustling sound from her back.
As she turned around, she saw a Scatterbug crawling from there. Upon seeing it, Preyasi rushed after it. "Hey wait for me.," said Pranali from back. At the same time, Prabhav and Danny came there. "Hey see, there's a Scatterbug, Danny. Danny?" said Prabhav upon seeing to the Danny's face. "At least say something. Hey see there is a Kriketot too." "Huh where?" said Danny. He then rushed towards the Kriketot. "Hmm... even though he is small, but I've got to say that he does run fast.
Well I guess I should go towards the Scatterbug." as Prabhav walked towards the Pokémon, Preyasi came rushing from back. She screamed," Get away from my way or else." As Prabhav turned back, she pushed him down and as he tried to get up, she kicked him and stood up on his chest. "Pokeball Go!" She threw her pokeball and caught the Pokémon."Yes, hurray!" she got so excited that she jumped on Prabhav. "Aaaaaaaaaaaa..........!" He shouted. She jumped off him. Till the time Danny and Pranali came. "Prabhav are you okay?" they both asked. Danny helped him to get him up.
"Hey Maa Jagdamba, my chest!" said Prabhav, "Don't worry. There is no need to worry about me. I am fine now. Well who was that great human to jump on my back as trampoline?" Prabhav said. As he said that, he saw Preyasi. "You!" they both said together. "Do you both know each other?" asked Pranali. "Very well." again both said together. "She and I are rivals." said Prabhav. "Since when?" asked Danny. "Since our last encounter with each other." replied Preyasi. "What was the reason?" asked Pranali. "The reason was that I..." Prabhav stopped in between as he was saying. "That you what?" inquired Pranali. "Nothing, none of your business." said Preyasi.
"So have you caught any Pokémon so far?" asked Preyasi from Prabhav. "You will be amazed to know," said Prabhav. "Are they -1,00,00,000?" asked Preyasi. "No they are more than that." said Prabhav. "How much?" asked Preyasi. "They are..." said Prabhav."They are... "Repeated Preyasi."Zero!" said Prabhav. "What? I thought you might have more than that." said Preyasi. "You do believed in me, don't you?" said Prabhav. "Of course not you idiot." angered Preyasi. "Well you also have also caught only one Pokémon," said Prabhav. "Yeah yeah whatever." said Preyasi.
"They both look like best friends of each other, don't they?" asked Pranali to Danny. "Yeah, surely." replied Danny. "No!" Prabhav and Preyasi yelled at him together. "Alright alright, now calm down," said Danny. Suddenly a Pokémon's scream came. Prabhav rushed towards that scream. Rest all also followed him. They found that a Caterpie was stuck in the swamp. "What can we do to save him?" said Danny. After thinking for sometime Prabhav said," I will catch it." saying this, he threw one of his pokeball on Caterpie.
The ball hit the Pokémon and then bounced back to Prabhav after capturing it. "Huh, yes we saved him." said Prabhav. "And you also you got your first Pokémon!" said Pranali with a smile. "Yeah you are right." agreed Danny."Oh yes, my first Pokémon, my favorite bug Pokémon Caterpie." said Prabhav with a surprise. He continues, "Hey Danny, I just remember now. Have you caught that Kriketot?" "Yeah, my second Pokémon, Kriketot." replied Danny. "Alright, then let's go to the Berry garden. Hey, will you both come with us? We will go to the cave after the garden," asked Prabhav.
"No!" said Preyasi. "Yes we will," said Pranali cutting the dialogue of Preyasi. "No I won't." said Preyasi. "Oh come on Preyasi. We all will have fun there. We might get to see some new Pokémon there," said Pranali. Preyasi agreed with her. After that, they went off.
Mani and Sam decided to continue walking from Magnetized Land and they reached to the Plain Ground. There they both encountered a Pidgey and a Spearow. Sam caught Pidgey and Mani caught Spearow. They then moved on.
On the other side, Danny caught a Togedemaru, Pranali caught a Gossifleur and Preyasi caught a Pachirisu and Drilbur. While they were moving, they found a group of Wynaut. Prabhav caught one from them.
They all gathered up in front of the cave. The Prabhav and other three reached first. Then Mani and Sam came. "Hmm...So this is the cave," said Prabhav. "Then let's go inside." said Preyasi. They then went inside. They all were talking with each other, then suddenly a Rolycoly came up.
Mani fought with him and caught it. "I guess I am third one to have caught all Pokémons," he said. Well he said correct. "We should go further," said Sam. "You are correct. Since Pranali, you and I want just one more Pokémon," agreed Prabhav. Everyone continued to walk inside the cave. They found a sparkling bolt coming towards them. It bumped into Pranali. She then recognized that it was a Yamper. She caught it with the help of Gossifleur. They were still going inside the cave. It started to get darker. Then Suddenly Sam yelled, "Aahhh...stop playing with my hair!" Prabhav took out his torch and thrown light on the creature who was troubling Sam.
They came to know that it was a Impidimp. "You little imp Pokémon. Stop it at once! If you won't then I have to call my Pokémons out." Sam said in an angry way. He then chose his Tediursa and tried to weaken it but all of Tediursa's attacks missed and in just one Brick Break Impidimp knocked Tediursa down.
He then chose his Pidgey. Pidgey used sand attack on Impidimp and then used gust. The Impidimp was weakened. Sam thrown a Pokeball at him and caught it.
"Hey I caught all three Pokémons," he said with enthusiasm. "Then let's just move out from this place. It's getting even darker," said Pranali. "Yeah you are right," agreed Danny and Mani. Then Prabhav said," So you all can go out till I get my third Pokémon." He then began to move further inside. They all tried to warned him from going any further but he said, "I'll take care of myself." After walking for 10 minutes, he started to fell cold. Then he felt that someone was behind him. He took his torch and saw that Preyasi was behind him. "Wahh...! I got scared. But why are you following me?" he asked. "I was not following you. I just came to ask you that do you have an extra torch." she replied.
As they were having a face-to-face conversation, a sudden chill struck Prabhav from back. He turned around and found nothing. "What happened?" Preyasi asked. "Nothing, I just felt like an icy wind blows from by back." As he said that, he saw a red colored tail of a Pokémon. However, alas the battery of torch ran out. He said to himself, "Oh ho, why hadn't I charged it yesterday? Well so, what, it still works well. Let's catch this Pokémon. Go Caterpie!" He called his Caterpie out.
Caterpie and that Pokémon had a great fight. The attack of the mysterious Pokémon does not even miss one time although it was very drak there. After a great struggle, Caterpie finally trapped the Pokémon in his 'String Shot'. "Okay, well, let's catch it. Pokeball go!" He threw his pokeball on it and caught it. "Well, huh, at last I caught it. Good work Caterpie, well return." He withdrew Caterpie. Then Preyasi and Prabhav came out and went to the Main Ground again.
"Hmm... so Prabhav have you and your gang caught all Pokémons?" Mr. Piyush asked. "My gang?" Prabhav questioned. "Yes, this group is yours only." he said with a smile. "Hey that's nice. We all are in a team," said Danny. "Yes sir. If you want, so be it!" said Sam. "Yes you are correct," said Mani. "And Preyasi and I will also be in your team, which makes it our team." said Pranali with raising the hand of her and Preyasi. "Okay, so now you have caught all Pokémons, go to Pokémon Center and have some rest. Tomorrow you will have practice matches. Take the case with you. It will tell you about your Pokémons." "Thank you sir." everyone said.